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Social Contribution

Under the slogan 'Share Happiness and Grow Together with Local Communities,' SK Materials strives to contribute to societyby selecting key social value strategies: solving social problems, fostering future talents, and sharing happiness with others.

Social Contribution System

Share Happiness and Grow Together with Local Communities
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Solving Social Problems
Fostering Future Talent Happiness Sharing Activity
  • Nurturing and Fostering Young Entrepreneurs
  • Building Safety-Net for Vulnerable Groups
  • Providing Biz.-linked Job Experience Training
  • Fostering Academic-Industrial Talents
  • Granting Scholarship for Talented Youth
  • Sponsoring Local Culture/Arts Events
  • Happiness Sharing Donation/Volunteer Works
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Solving Social Problems

As a cooperative partner of local communities, SK materials identifies social problems faced by local residents and strives to solve them. It is focusing on building a social safety net for vulnerable groups, and in the case of the place of business in Yeongju, it is identifying and promoting young entrepreneurs to create local jobs and revitalize the local economy.

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Fostering Future Talents

SK materials carries out various activities to foster future talents in the region. It sponsors scholarships for outstanding local talents and provides education to local children and adolescents by developing career experience education materials in conjunction with the company’s business. It also cooperates with local schools and institutions to foster professionals and provide job opportunities.

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Happiness Sharing Activities

SK materials carries out happiness sharing activities by identifying and supporting issues that need help in the local community for the happy life of local residents. To this end, SK materials’ members engage in happiness sharing activities in various fields and ways by utilizing their individual professional capabilities through happiness sharing funds and volunteer group activities.

Social Enterprise Support Program

SK Materials is promoting various programs in connection with social venture accelerator companies to contribute to the influx of young people into the local community, job creation, and revitalization of the local economy. We are implementing projects such as fostering local entrepreneurs, establishing a sustainable local startup ecosystem, and creating a favorable living environment for the youth. We are planning to carry on and expand this support to create a vibrant local community.

Social Enterprise Support Program
    2022 Fostering young enterpreneurs and creating a growing environment
  • Fostering enterproses through acceleration business
    (10 enterprises in total)
  • Creating a sustainable startup ecosystem
  • Improving a living environment by building a space for youth interaction
  • Supporting enterprises’ growth by establishing local investment funds
    2023 Create more than five successful reginal-based youth start-ups
  • Promoting start-up supporting programs
    (Accelerating and training)
  • Activation youth interaction spaces and expanding cultural events in a local society