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Quality Management

Quality Management Policy

SK Materials is working proactively aiming at Zero Customer Safety Accidents, through compliance with international environmental management standards and customized services. We are committed to pursuing customer happiness by providing the best value to customers in terms of quality and safety.

Quality Management Policy

SK Materials pursues customer satisfaction through the best quality to secure the trust of employees and stakeholders and actively implements the following for sustainable quality management:

  1. 1. Customer Satisfaction with the Highest Quality and Service

    SK Materials, as a partner who creates the value for customer satisfaction, pursues customers’ happiness by providing products and services with the highest quality.

  2. 2. Building Trust through the Advanced Quality System

    To build trust in our differentiated quality competitiveness, SK Materials operates a preemptive and advanced quality system, and continuously innovates the quality of its products and services.

  3. 3. Best Partner with Innovative Products and Technologies

    SK Materials becomes the best partner who provides customer satisfaction through innovative products development.

  4. 4. Voluntary/Willing Participation of All Employees

    All employees strive to participate in the implementation of a world-class quality management based on VWBE* culture.

    * Voluntarily, Willingly, Brain Engagement

Quality and Customer Safety Management Activities

SK Materials improves product competitiveness through establishing the Integrated Analysis Center and providing analytical technologies to promptly respond to changes of customers’ needs, and focuses on the quality and safety management in all processes including strategy, manufacturing, management, and supply to secure customers safety. Major quality and safety issues of products are reported in a monthly meeting hosted by CEO, accordingly strengthening executives’ responsibilities on the quality/safety management.

Enhancing the competitiveness of Quality Analysis

SK Materials put a great effort on building technological capabilities to improve quality control that reaches customers’ expectation, while managing that of the supply chain by providing analytical technologies and consulting services to suppliers. We are expanding the scope of our analysis technology and building a collaborative network to share capabilities and infrastructure with suppliers based on the Integrated Analysis Center established in 2019.

Product Safety Evaluation

We operate the integrated chemical management system that verifies the compliance with legal requirement during procurements and exports. We review and guarantee the level of containment of certain hazardous chemicals restricted under RoHS, REACH, and GHS in a product upon the request from the customer, and deliver a warranty with safety information and a safety manual.

Customer Communication

We are pursuing customer satisfaction by accurately identifying and promptly responding to their requirements through active communication such as the Voice of Customer (VOC) management, Quality Satisfaction Survey, and Technology Exchange. In addition, we broadened customer contact points through major IT industry exhibitions and industry associations.

Quality Mutual Growth Program

SK Materials publishes and provides the Quality Magazine to its suppliers regularly as a partner who cooperates with for a quality management, and operates the Quality Mutual Growth Program to support workforce development program and quality control skills training.


SK Materials has acquired ISO 9001 certification, an international standard for quality management systems.

  • ISO 9001 [인증기관] 한국가스안전공사 품질경영시스템 인증서
    ISO 9001

    [Certification Institution]
    Korea Gas Safety Corporation