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Fair Trade Compliance Program

CP Introduction Statement

Trust with stakeholders and society through transparent and fair business activities

Compliance Program

Dear Employees,

Under the rapidly changing business environment, customers’ and the society’s needs and requests on the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility have grown more than ever. Companies are now facing a harsh reality to achieve corporate growth by innovative Deep Change of Business Model, based on complying with fair trade laws and implementing ethical management in business activities.

Regarding these circumstances, SK Materials is introducing Compliance Program to build trust with all stakeholders and society through transparent and fair business activities.

I will actively implement the followings as a CEO of SK Materials with all employees.

  • First,

    We will maintain an accurate awareness of the laws related to fair trade and comply with the regulations.

  • Second,

    We will achieve a mutual growth with business partners through mutual growth.

  • Third,

    We will increase economic value by creating social value and build trust with all stakeholders.

I cordially ask all employees to support the establishment and settlement of the CP (Compliance Program) Culture. Thank you.

SK 주식회사 머티리얼즈

President & CEO Kim Yang-taek

  • SK스페셜티

    Lee Kyu-won

  • SK머티리얼즈 에어플러스

    Oh Jong-jin

  • SK트리켐

    Oh Jong-jin

  • SK쇼와덴코

    Kim Young-min

  • SK머티리얼즈 리뉴텍

    Oh Jong-jin

  • SK머티리얼즈 퍼포먼스

    Ha Jung-hwan

Message from CP Manager

Employee engagement to establish the CP (Compliance Program) Culture

Dear Employees,

SK Materials announced to take the lead of fair trade compliance with the announcement of the CP introduction by CEO. All of our employees will understand the necessity of the CP Culture and shall support and cooperate to settle it down.

CP is a strong will of SK Materials and its employees, to comply with the relevant laws actively and voluntarily, and not to commit any illegal conducts in the management for fair competition. I kindly ask our employees to support the followings for the prevention of any misconduct relevant to the fair trade laws.

  • 01 Legal Awareness
    and Regulatory Compliance
    All employees shall comply with relevant laws including Fair Trade, Subcontracting, Beneficial Cooperation, and Occupational Health and Safety. In case of any inquiry about misconducting, you may inquire Ethical Management Team and Legal Team including the CP Manager.
  • 02 Employee Involvement
    All employees will understand that personal mistakes may inhibit the corporate CP Culture, and shall take part in the CP activities.
  • 03 Fair Trade
    All employees shall play their part and strive for fair trade with our suppliers.

I warmly ask all employees to actively implement the CP Program to settle it down as corporate culture, and I promise to identify issues promptly with any misconduct or conflict occurred, while support the Legal Team and Ethical Management Team to make improvements.
Thank you.

  • SK 스페셜티
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Director of Management
    Support Office
    You Shin

  • SK 머티리얼즈 에어플러스
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Head of Management
    Support Group
    Chung Ju-young

  • SK 트리켐
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Management Planning
    Team Leader
    Han Sang-hoon

  • SK 쇼와덴코
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Business Management
    Team Leader
    Jeon Hyo-seok

  • SK 머티리얼즈 리뉴텍
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Renewtech Business
    Jin Hyung-chul

  • SK 머티리얼즈 퍼포먼스
    Fair trade compliance manager

    Director of Photo Business
    Innovation Office
    Ahn Sun-yeol

CP Operational Regulations

CP (Compliance Program) Operational Regulations and Principles