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Etching Gases

SK materials leads the global etching gas market based on its advanced technological standards.

SK materials

Among the various etching gases, SK materials’ portfolio is focused on high-precision gases, such as
Monofluoromethane (CH3F), hexafluorobutadiene (C4F6), and difluoromethane (CH2F2).In the future, SK
materials will also provide more diverse etching solutions.

CH3F(모노플루오르메탄), C4F6(육불화부타디엔), CH2F2(디플루오르메탄), CHF3(트리플루오르메탄), ETC(기타) Dry Etching(->) 식각 공정 전 -> 식각 공정 후

Etching gases etch the shape of a space for circuit in the semiconductor prior to the circuit formation of semiconductor. They are in high demand as they are essential in achieving greater precision in 3D structures.

  • HexafluoroethaneC2F6

    It is used for semiconductor
    fine pattern etching.

  • Carbon tetrafluorideCF4

    It is used for oxide film etching.

  • OctafluorocyclobutaneC4F8

    It provides a high selection ratio for the mask and is used for 3D NAND high aspect ratio etching.

  • PentafluoroethaneC2HF5

    It is used for etching oxide film
    and nitride film.

  • MonofluoromethaneCH3F

    CH3F, an etching gas for nitride films in 3D NAND flash memory devices, is becoming more widespread with the increase of 3D NAND use. SK materials is the first and only manufacturer of CH3F in Korea.

  • HexafluorobutadieneC4F6

    C4F6 is used in the etching of oxide films for miniaturized DRAMs and 3D NAND flash memory devices. C4F6 has seen a significant increase in demand.

  • DifluoromethaneCH2F2

    CH2F2, along with CH3F, is a gas used in etching nitride films in NAND flash memory devices. It has been widely utilized since 3D NAND has been increasingly used in the recent.

  • TrifluoromethaneCHF3

    Used in the process of 3D NAND Flash memory nitride layers and microscopic DRAM nitride layers etching.

  • Hydrogen bromideHBr

    HBr is a gas used in semiconductor etching processes. It has excellent precision/vertical etching capabilities, whose usage is increasing due to the sophistication of semiconductors.

Through cooperation with Resonac, Japan, SK materials providesthe local semiconductor market with a stable supply of high-quality etching gases.It seeks to lead the etching gas market throughproactive response to customer needs and continuous research.