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SK Materials group 14

About the Company

SK materials group 14, which is a joint venture between SK materials Inc. and ‘Group14 Technologies’ of the U.S., will grow into a global battery material company through research, development, production, and sales of silicon anode materials for next-generation batteries that have a larger charging capacity and can improve charging speed compared to existing anode materials.

Since the establishment of the corporation in October 2021, it has been making effort to secure the foundation for strengthening the initial dominance of the fast-growing Si anode materials market.

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    Customers (Marketing)

    Global top-tier customer companies Material evaluation underway

  • 기술 아이콘이미지입니다.

    Securing technology and production rights Acquiring process technology know-how through dispatch of engineers to the U.S.

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    Production Base

    Sangju Cheongri Industrial Complex Plant 1

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    Verification and establishment of QC analysis method, establishment of battery material evaluation & analysis laboratory, securing cell manufacturing / evaluation experts

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    Organization / Infrastructure

    IT/purchasing/security infrastructure establishment, organizational formation, and manpower acquisition

Silicon anode material

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