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Sustainability Report

2023 지속가능경영 보고서 썸네일
2023 Sustainable Management Report

SK materials’ 2023 Sustainability Report integrates sustainability performances of SK Inc. Materials’ seven key subsidiaries. We will continue disclosing ESG performances transparently to communicate with our stakeholders.

넷제로 리포트 2022 썸네일
2022 Net Zero Report

This is a Net Zero report that contains a mid- to long-term roadmap and implementation strategy for reducing greenhouse gases to achieve both Net Zero and RE100 by 2030. For the environment, society, and customers, SK materials Inc. will establish and promote specific action plans for reducing greenhouse gases and converting to low-carbon business portfolios with sincerity and communicate the process transparently.

지속가능경영보고서 2022 썸네일
2022 Sustainable Management Report

This is a sustainable management report that contains performance and plans related to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) of SK materials Inc. Through this, SK materials communicates transparently with various stakeholders and will continue to share its sustainable growth process and strengthen trust with stakeholders.

지속가능경영보고서 2021 썸네일

Sustainability Report of SK Materials includes its performance and plans related to ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance), and it allows SK Materials to communicate transparently with its various stakeholders. SK Materials will continually share its progress of sustainable development and strengthen trust with various stakeholders through publishing the Sustainability Report every year.