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Environmental Strategy

Environmental Management Policy

SK Materials has established and declared the SHE (Safety, Health, and Environment) Policy to pursue Green Corporate Culture.We clarified in the SHE Policy about our commitment as a responsible companyto use resources efficiently, prevent environmental pollution, and improve the environment.

SHE Policy

SK Materials pursues the protection of humans and the environment as a top priority at all stages of its management activities, secures the trust of employees and stakeholders, and actively practices the following for sustainable SHE management.

  1. 1. Safe and Healthy Workplaces

    Through SHE-centered management, SK Materials continuously makes an effort to build a safe and healthy workplace that every stakeholder including employees, customers, suppliers, and local communities can trust.

  2. 2. Green Corporate Culture

    SK Materials minimizes pollutant emissions through eco-friendly design, efficient use of resources, and optimal pollution prevention facilities, and protects the environment of business site and local communities by managing toxic chemicals and disclosing information transparently.

  3. 3. Building Trust through Compliance Management

    SK Materials secures trust with stakeholders by thoroughly complying with the SHE regulations and stakeholders’ requirements and establishing the highest level of SHE management system and disclosing it transparently.

  4. 4. Employees’ Engagement

    All employees recognize the improvement of SHE value as a key task and continue to strive to achieve the goal.

SK Materials Environmental Strategy 2030

Establishment of Green Workplaces

SK Materials takes preemptive actions on climate change in three directions: 1) reducing GHG emissions, 2) reducing water consumption and expanding recycling, and 3) managing waste emissions, and we have also set the mid-to-long-term goals for each direction to build a green workplace.We plan to evaluate the achievement level every year and transparently disclose the information, to show our commitment towards establishing a green workplace to our members and stakeholders, and become a leading company that reduces environmental impact in workplace.

  • GHG

    by 2030

  • Water resources

    100% of wastewater recycling by 2030
    (50% of improvement in water withdrawal intensity compared to 2020)

  • Waste

    Achieving 95% of waste recycling rate and ZWTL GOLD grade by 2023

Climate Actions

Net Zero Commitments

In June 2021, SK Materials declared its participation into the Net Zero to achieve its vision to make the net emissions ‘0’ through internal and external reduction or carbon offsets to reduce GHG (Green House Gas) emissions generated by its activities. We plan to mitigate the emissions throughout our management activities, which include not only Scope 1 and 2, regulated by the law, but also Scope 3.

Management Process of Climate Change Risk & Opportunity

Each year, SK Materials goes through a process of identifying and evaluating company-wide risks and opportunities related to climate change. We evaluate the severity and probability of climate risks to our major tasks and business issues, stakeholders’ demands and expectations, and we constantly improve the management process in order to use the identified risks and opportunities in managing financial and non-financial risks of SK materials.

Environmental Management Structure

SK Materials make decisions on environmental issues including GHG, waste, water, and pollutants and hazardous chemicals in a monthly company-wide meeting hosted by CEO, and environmental agenda are reviewed and approved by the BOD through a quarterly meeting. All relevant divisions and departments have established environmental KPIs to improve the overall environmental performance and selected ‘Performing and Achieving Environmental Improvement Tasks,’ ‘Improvement of Environmental Performance Indicators,’ and ‘Reduction of Energy and GHG’ as key tasks. In order to motivate employees to aim at greater environmental performance, for any employees who directly deal with environmental tasks, the compensation is linked to their higher weighted environmental performance during the evaluation, and employees who are under-performing or relevant to any environmental accidents could receive a penalty.


SK Materials has acquired ISO 14001 certification, an international standard for environmental management, and maintains its qualifications through renewal screening. Yeongju-si plant and Seoul office have acquired the certification, and we have established an overarching environmental management system throughout Value Chain by providing support to core suppliers in acquiring the certification.

  • [인증기관] 한국가스안전공사 품질경영시스템 인증서
    ISO 14001

    [Certification Institution]
    Korea Gas Safety Corporation