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Integrated Services

As the best partner of customers, SK materials is making a leap forward as a Global Top material technology company by providing customer-oriented services and through solutions differentiated from its competitors.

SK materials Gas & IT 소재 생산 판매 - 신규 제품 연구 개발, Portfolio 다변화, 물류 Service(통합창고) 운영, 품질&서비스 Upgrade, Gas 공급 설비 운영 서비스(BSGS: Bulk Specialty Gas Supply System) 체계 구축, Gas & IT 소재 Package 공급(Sourcing, 정제, Mixing등)
SK materials Gas & IT 소재 생산 판매
  • New product R&D
    portfolio diversification
  • Logistics service
    (integrated warehouse) operation
  • Quality and service Upgrades
  • Gas & IT material package supply
    (Sourcing, purification, mixing, etc.)

SK materials Inc. maximizes customer satisfaction and ensures a stable supply of in-demand productsby operating a bulk specialty gas supply (BSGS) system and integrated logistic warehouses.