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CEO Message

Welcome to the SK materials Inc. website.

대표이사 사장 김양택

SK materials Inc. is constantly pursuing innovation to making a leap forward as a 'Global Top material technology company' leading the advanced materials industry.

SK materials has grown into a Global No.1 company in the field of special gases such as tungsten hexafluoride(WF6), monosilane(SiH4), and disilane(Si2H6) since 2001 when it succeeded in localizing nitrogen trifluoride(NF3) for the first time in Korea, which was in a barren state for special gases for advanced IT materials. Since 2016, SK materials has achieved rapid growth, expanding its material business portfolio across the entire semiconductor process, including industrial gases, precursors, etching gases, and photoresists, through active M&A and collaborations (JV) with global technology companies.

Based on the world-class product production and quality management capabilities secured through its semiconductor material business, SK materials is also actively entering the battery, display, and environmentally friendly materials fields. In particular, in 2023, it plans to start mass production of Si-C anode material, which will dramatically increase the driving distance and charging speed of EVs as the next-generation battery material. SK materials will achieve another leap forward by securing a portfolio of various core battery materials in the future.

SK materials is leading ESG management in the global material technology industry. It is actively engaged in the global response to the climate crisis and plans to achieve RE100/NetZero in 2030 for the first time in the domestic materials industry. In addition, It will lead the transition to a low-carbon and eco-friendly society by developing eco-friendly materials and practicing carbon neutrality in the entire process of product production.

SK materials practices management growing together with all stakeholders. It carries out various social contribution activities that can serve as a safety net for the underprivileged and the local community. In particular, it contributes to revitalizing the local economy by promoting the "STAXX Project," an urban regeneration program that selects and fosters social ventures that will lead the economic development of Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

SK materials provides its members with differentiated experiences and opportunities to grow into globally competitive "comprehensive materials experts" and supports their growth and happiness by creating innovative work-immersion environments such as "every other Friday-off system" and "4 groups 2 shifts."

In addition, SK materials is committed to creating a secure workplace where all stakeholders can feel secure. It is implementing the ‘Corrosion Study,’ which checks the adequacy of facility materials in advance in all processes, and has established a global best safety system that can prevent accidents 24 hours a day using digital transformation (DT).

Furthermore, in order to enhance corporate value and maximize shareholder interest, it has strengthened governance by forming a board of directors with expertise and diversity to manage/supervise corporate management.

SK materials will continue to pursue sustainable growth and lead the global high-tech materials market based on high spirit and innovation. Through this, it will strive to provide greater happiness and best value to all stakeholders, including shareholders, members, customers, partners, and local communities.

CEO and President Yang taek, Kim