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SK materials airplus

About the Company

SK materials airplus is growing into a total air solution company through continuous business expansion, from petrochemicals to semiconductors, and a trusted company that brings happiness.

Forms of Supply

Depending on the business size and conditions of each customer, we can supply off-site, on-site, and in bulk(transport by a tank lorry)

공급형태 Off-site 이미지입니다. 자세한 내용은 하단 내용을 참조해주세요.
  • General-purpose pipe-line construction and supply from a site near a large -scale industrial park to multiple customers
  • Dedicated supply pipe-line construction and supply from a site near a specific customer
  • Self-supply and operation of power
  • GN2(Gaseous Nitrogen), GO2(Gaseous Oxygen), CDA(Clean Dry Air), etc.
공급형태 On-site 이미지입니다.
  • Separate gas production through ASU, being liquefied and stored in a storage tank, and then sold as a product
  • Power supply by customers
  • ASU: Cryogenic air separation method, suitable for large-scale demand (10,000Nm3/hr~)
    PSA: Adsorption method, suitable for small and medium-sized customers (~10,000Nm3/hr)
공급형태 Bulk 이미지입니다. 자세한 내용은 하단 내용을 참조해주세요.
  • Separate gas production through ASU, being liquefied and stored in a storage tank, and then sold as a product
  • After building storage tanks and supply facilities in the customer's premises, directly transport and supply through the company's own tank lorries (to various manufacturing plants)
  • Ex-factory sales through direct transport by customers (wholesale / retail distribution networks such as charging stations and dealerships)
  • LN2(liquefied nitrogen), LO2(liquefied oxygen), LAr(liquefied argon), etc.

Production Process

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공급형태 Bulk 이미지입니다.

High-purity general industrial gases produced through SK materials airplus’ Air Separation Unit(ASU) is widely used for utility in the manufacturing industry.

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질소 아이콘입니다.



  • Occupies approximately 78% of atmospheric composition
  • Separated from boiling point of -196°C
  • Inert, non-flammable, colorless, tasteless, odorless


  • Inert atmosphere gas
    • - Semiconductor, LCD, solar cell manufacturing process
  • Gas for sealing, purge and cold test
    • - Chemical plants, piping, tanks
  • Quick freezing
    • - Food, medicine
산소 아이콘입니다.



  • Occupies approximately 21% of the atmosphere
  • Separated from boiling point of -183°C
  • Inert, strong combustibility


  • Melting furnace, metalworking
    • - Iron making, steel making, metal refining, welding, cutting
  • Oxidation
    • - Semiconductor materials, petrochemicals, wastewater treatment
  • Other
    • - Food, fermentation, and medical devices for breathing
알곤 아이콘입니다.



  • Occupies approximately 0.9% occupied of the atmosphere
  • Separated from boiling point of -186°C
  • Non-flammable and inert(even at high temperature and pressure)


  • Atmosphere gas in high temperature environment
    • - Semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing
    • - Plasma chamber, plasma cutting
    • - Refining of special steels
    • - Carbon fiber, powder metal manufacturing
CDA 아이콘입니다.



  • Clean Dry Air
  • It removes pollutants such as dust, oil, and moisture in compressed air within the required reference values suitable for the purpose, nature, and function of the system or equipment and provide them in an optimal condition


  • It is most often used in semiconductor production equipment together with N2, and is used for automatic operation of auto air valves, transmission devices, and other pneumatic devices in production equipment.
CO2 아이콘입니다.



  • Inert, non-flammable, colorless, odorless, water-soluble
  • Recovered from organic combustion gas or produced as a by-product of alcoholic fermentation


  • Semiconductor wafer and facility cleaning
    • - Supercritical fluid cleaning method
  • Steelmaking, welding
  • For cold transportation of food and beverage
H2 아이콘입니다.



  • Colorless, odorless, flammable
  • High reducing properties at high temperatures
  • -253°C boiling point
  • Stored and supplied as gas in a high-pressure tube


  • Semiconductor wafer and chip manufacturing process
  • Glassware and fiber optic processing
  • Chemical industry / metal heat treatment reducing agent
  • Rocket fuel / alternative vehicle energy

Liquefied carbon dioxide gas

Product Features

Carbone Dioxide(CO2) is a compound of carbon and oxygen, a colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Product Application

  • For electronics

    It is used to increase the precision of the photoprocess in the semiconductor manufacturing process, or as a supercritical fluid for cleaning residues.

  • For drinks

    For the refreshing sensation of drinks, it is used as an additive to carbonated drinks, beer, rice wine, etc.

  • For agriculture

    It is used to promote the photosynthetic activity of plants, thereby increasing yield and sugar content.

  • For medicine

    It is used to increase the precision of the photoprocess in the semiconductor manufacturing process, or as a supercritical fluid for cleaning residues.

  • For industry

    It is used for welding in shipbuilding, automotive industry, etc.

Dry Ice

Product Features

It is a product that solidifies liquefied carbon dioxide gas, which is excellent for rapid freezing and cooling, by sublimating into gas at an ultra-low temperature of -78.9 ℃ and taking away the surrounding heat, and is used as an eco-friendly product compared to cold insulation agents that use SAP(super absorbent resin), a type of microplastic.

Product Application

  • Food delivery

    It is used to keep frozen food cool for fresh and safe delivery.

  • Medical area

    It is used for the preservation and transportation of blood, vaccines, etc.

  • Industrial area

    It is used for trimming operations such as processing and cutting rubber products, or for cold treatment of metals.

  • Other areas

    It is used for special effects of various events, stages, etc., and for low-temperature experiments.


Net Zero · RE100 Goals and Implementations

SK materials airplus plans to achieve both Net Zero and RE100 by 2045, and shares detailed reduction plans and implementation measures with stakeholders in the Net Zero report of SK materials Inc.

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이행 수단별 온실가스 감축량 이미지입니다

Environmental Strategy

CDP Response Status

cdp 로고 입니다
Through the CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project), SK materials airplus will transparently disclose information related to carbon emissions and response activities from 2023, and will obtain the CDP Climate Change "B-Grade" in 2023.

Environmental Compliance System

SK materials airplus has established its own environmental procedures in the fields of air, water, and waste, etc. in order to comply with state environmental laws and regulations, such as the Clean Air Conservation Act and the Water Environment Conservation Act, and regularly checks the level of implementation.
In particular, in 2021, SK materials airplus strengthened its own compliance monitoring process to monitor compliance with SHE laws and its internal regulations. The company updated its internal compliance scorecard for environmental laws and regulations to reflect revisions to laws, recent SHE issues, and other companies’ violations of laws, and ceach business site conducted a self-evaluation and the environmental management team verified the results. In addition, SK materials airplus manages pollutants emitted from its business site by applying stricter self-management standards than the legal emission standards. Through this, we expect to prevent violations of laws and minimize impact on the environment.

Process Enablers
Preparation of compliance self-check items and evaluation tables
Establishment of self-assessment guidelines and training
Regular self-assessment (once a quarter)
Review of self-assessment results (Environmental Management Team & SHE Planning Team)
Establishment of improvement plan
Report to the management
Implementation of improvements
Review of improvement results (Environmental Management Team & SHE Planning Team)
Standardization of assessment criteria
  • Establish a compliance scorecard / assessment guide
    • Reflect other companies’ violations of laws and regulations
    • Regular update of compliance scorecard (once a year)
Compliance assessment training
  • Training on how to inspect compliance assessment items
    • Information on the criteria for interpreting law and regulation violations of third companies
    • Education on self-evaluation results and improvement results
Constant inspection
  • Constant inspection of compliance levels
    • Monitor social issues / revisions of major laws and regulations
    • Review of improvement plans
Strengthening validation and improving reporting
  • Approval by general director mandatory for compliance assessment results
  • Regular review of compliance assessment results
Activities for Policy Engagement

SK materials airplus has established a Net Zero plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045 and is implementing the reduction measures. In addition, by actively participating in and communicating with the government and related organizations, we will contribute to achieving a global climate goal,in line with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit the global average temperature rise to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels.


Safety / Health Management

SK materials airplus has established a Safety, Health, and Environment(SHE) policy to build a safe and healthy workplace and eco- friendly corporate culture, and is strengthening safety, health, and environmental management not only for its members but also for all stakeholders such as local communities, customers, and suppliers.

SHE Policy

SK materials airplus places a top priority on implementing SHE(Safety, Health, Environment) practices at all stages of corporate management activities, achieving corporate growth and sustainability together with customers, and pursuing the happiness of all stakeholders.

  • We will establish and implement the SHE management system through the participation and consultation of the workers' representatives and all members, and carry out evaluation and review regularly.
  • We will faithfully comply with laws and regulations related to safety, health, and environment, and customer requirements, and secure the adequacy of SHE-related organizations, manpower, and investment budgets, etc.
  • We will establish goals to minimize the impact on safety, health, and the environment throughout all management activities, and continuously promote improvement through regular evaluations.
  • All members will actively participate in safety, health, and environmental activities, and cultivate practical awareness and professional abilities through education and training.
  • We will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through efficient use of resources and energy, and minimize the generation of pollutants such as air, water, noise, and waste.
  • We will achieve the goal of zero safety accidents by preventing accidents fundamentally through risk assessment, as well as minimizing the damage in the event of an accident, and make the company a company where all employees can work safely and healthily.
  • This policy was resolved by the company's CEO and all executives and employees unanimously, and we will faithfully implement and continuously improve it.

Quality Management

SK materials airplus carries out preemptive activities, going beyond simple quality management, for zero customer safety accidents through compliance with international environmental management standards and customized services. It pursues customer happiness by providing customers with the best value in terms of quality and safety.

Quality Management Policy

SK materials airplus pursues customer satisfaction as the highest value through quality, and actively practices the following to secure the trust of members and stakeholders, and for sustainable quality management.

  1. 1. Pursuing customer happiness with the best quality and service

    As a partner that creates the value of customer satisfaction, we pursue customer happiness by providing the highest quality products and services.

  2. 2. Building trust through advanced quality system operation

    Through preemptive and advanced quality system operation and continuous quality innovation, we build customer trust in differentiated quality competitiveness.

  3. 3. The best partner with innovative products and technologies

    Through the development of innovative products through technological development, we become the best partner to provide customer satisfaction.

  4. 4. Voluntary / motivated participation of all members

    All members do their best to implement the world's best quality management based on VWBE* organizational culture.

    * Voluntarily, Willingly, Brain Engagement

Supply Chain Management

SK materials airplus pursues true mutual growth with the suppliers with which it has established cooperative relationships. It conducts initial and post evaluations regularly for its suppliers in the areas of management, technology, quality, environment, and safety, and aims to improve the ESG level of its suppliers through ESG risk assessment and management.

  • Sustainable Supply Chain Secure a management system

    • Comprehensive evaluation of suppliers
    • Suppliers' Code of Conduct
    • Suppliers’ ESG risk assessment and ESG level enhancement activities
  • Responsible procurement

    • Fair procurement of raw and subsidiary materials
    • Expanding social purchasing
  • Shared growth with suppliers

    • Operation of the shared growth council
    • Operation of shared growth programs
    • Enhancement of environmental management capabilities and provision of incentives (Greenhouse gases, water, waste, etc.)

Human Rights Management

SK materials airplus has established a human rights policy that members must comply with to prevent human rights violations of stakeholders, such as suppliers, as well as members.

Based on the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, international standards and guidelines related to human rights and labor, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the ILO Charter, and the OECD Due Diligence Guidelines, and SKMS norms, we seek to achieve business goals while playing a key role in social and economic development by creating value for various stakeholders, such as customers, members, and shareholders, and complying with social responsibilities and norms that contribute to the happiness of mankind..

Detailed Operation Policy
  1. 1. Respect for Human Rights

    We respect all members as human beings and strive to prevent any acts that violate human rights.

  2. 2. Working Environment and Safety

    By complying with international standards, related laws and internal regulations for the working environment, we continuously strive to create a pleasant working environment and prevent safety accidents.

  3. 3. Prohibition of Forced Labor

    We do not force members to work against their free will by means of mental or physical restraint, and do not require the transfer of government-issued identity cards, passports, or work permits as a condition of employment.

  4. 4. Prohibition of Child Labor

    We do not employ children and adolescents under the age of 15, and in the case of minors under the age of 18, comply with the labor laws and regulations of the local country to avoid engaging them in dangerous or hazardous wor

  5. 5. Compliance with working hours

    We follow regular working hours and overtime hours set by the labor laws and regulations of each country or region.

  6. 6. Wages and Benefits

    We set the wages of members to exceed the minimum level set by the labor laws and regulations of each country or region.

  7. 7. Prohibition of Discrimination

    We do not discriminate in employment on any basis such as gender, race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, etc., and we do not discriminate in working conditions such as wages and promotions for the same reason.

  8. 8. Freedom of Association

    We guarantee the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining in accordance with the labor laws and regulations of each country or region, and do not give disadvantageous treatment due to membership, activity, or formation of a trade union.

  9. 9. Freedom of Expression

    Everyone has freedom of opinion and expression, freedom to have opinions without interference, and freedom to obtain information, pursue ideas, and communicate opinions without restriction on borders and media.

  10. 10. Privacy

    In order to protect the human rights of all stakeholders, we protect the personal information of stakeholders in accordance with local laws. We do not use personal information for any other purpose without the consent of the person concerned.

Social Contribution

Under the slogan of 'A company that grows together by sharing happiness with the local community,' SK materials airplus strives to contribute to society by establishing a direction for solving social problems, fostering future talents, and sharing happiness.

A company that grows together by
sharing happiness with the local community


Solving social problems
Fostering future talents Happiness sharing activities
  • Discovery / development of young entrepreneurs
  • Building a social safety net for the vulnerable
  • Biz-linked career experience education
  • Fostering talents through industry-academia collaboration
  • Scholarship support for outstanding talents
  • Sponsorship of local cultural and art events
  • Happiness Sharing Fund / Volunteer Corps


Ethical Management

Based on SKMS, SK materials airplus pursues to play a key role in social and economic development and contributes to the happiness of mankind by creating value for various stakeholders such as customers, members, and society, and determines and improves ethical risks according to an ethical management process consisting of Prevention, Detection, and Response, using the Code of Ethics, which is the standard for correct behavior and value judgment that members must abide by, as the basic rules of ethical management.

윤리규범 이미지입니다.

SK materials airplus recognizes ethical management as an important prerequisite for corporate sustainability, and strives to create a fair and transparent corporate culture and practice ethical management by establishing the following ethical management 3C(Code, Compliance, Consensus) system with the goal of zero corruption and the principle of zero tolerance for unethical and corruption acts.

Ethical Management System’s 3 Elements (3C)
  • 윤리규범 Code
    • Code of Ethics / Code of Practice
    • Don'ts in major areas
    • Ethical management practice FAQ for SK leaders
    • Ethical management practice pledge
    • No holiday gifts
  • 제도 compliance
    • Integrated report site operation and whistleblower protection
    • Operation of ethics grievance counseling center (happy empathy)
    • Self-regulation system operation
  • 공감대 형성 Consensus
    • Development and implementation of ethical management education programs
    • Ethical Management Practice Letter
    • Operation of member communication and participation programs
    • Ethical management level diagnosis survey
    • Ethical management practice workshop

Fair Trade

SK materials airplus has introduced the Fair Trade Compliance Program(CP) to preemptively respond to fair trade-related regulations and more systematically fulfill its social responsibility to practice win-win cooperation. In addition, it has established a fair trade compliance system by appointing a fair trade compliance manager and establishing CP operation guidelines.
SK materials airplus has established the principle of 'fair trade and competition' in the ethical management guidelines, and obligated employees to clearly understand and comply with fair trade related laws and regulations and the company's CP operation guidelines. In addition, the CP operating guidelines strictly prohibit unfair trade with competitors and counterparties through employees’ obligation clauses. In addition, in order to protect the intellectual property rights and technical information of suppliers, SK materials airplus stipulated Article 41(Provision of technical data, etc.) in the basic contract for goods transactions prepared at the time of transaction. This clause obligates it to fulfill its confidentiality obligation as a recipient of information for materials provided by suppliers that require confidentiality.

Employees’ obligation clauses under CP operation guidelines

Compliance with fair trade
Prohibition of unfair collusive acts
Prohibition of unfair trade practices