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Other High-Purity Gases

In addition to manufacturing value-added items that are increasingly
in demand due to the expansion of 3D NAND and microfabrication processes,
SK materials offers various services to its customers, such as sourcing, refinement, and mixing.

SK materials
  • KryptonKr

    Kr is used as a momentum gas in the etching of deep holes in 3D NAND of semiconductors.

  • Silicon tetrachlorideSiCl4

    SiCl4 is a gas used together with Si powder, at the manufacturing polysilicon wafers. It is also used for deposition and etching during semiconductor fabrication.

  • HeliumHe

    Helium is an inert gas used across industries as a carrier gas, purge gas, cooling gas, tracer gas for leak detection, or entertaining gas.