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Industrial Gases

SK materials seeks to become a leader in the diversifying industrial gas marketby
responding proactively to customer needs and ensuring a stable supply of gases.

SK materials

Industrial gases are being used in various industries, such as petrochemicals, semiconductors, steel, healthcare, and food. SK materials highly purifies its industrial gases by using air-separation units
and stably delivers them by means of on-site supply, pipelines, and tank lorries.

Tank lorry : 산소 O2, 질소 N2, 아르곤 Ar, 기타 공급(->) 주요산업 : 석유화학, 반도체, 철강, 의료, 식품
  • OxygenO2

    Oxygen is used in various industries including iron and steel, automobiles, machinery, and chemicals. Its oxidizing nature is particularly useful in common processes, such as dissolution and amputation in the iron and steel industry.

  • NitrogenN2

    Nitrogen is widely used in food quick-freezing and artificial insemination and serves as an important gas in semiconductor and electronics industries. it is used as a purge and carrier gas in chemical and metal heat treatment processes. Also, it interacts with metals at high temperature and pressures to form nitrides and binds with hydrogen through catalytic reactions.

  • ArgonAr

    Argon is an essential gas in refinement and processing of metal that must not be exposed to oxygen, nitrogen and impurities. It is used not only in the welding of non-metallic materials such as stainless steel and aluminum, but also in the refinement and processing of high-purity materials, including titanium, silicon, and aluminum.