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SHE Management

For SK materials, Safety and the Environment are the first priority.

As a global leader in the production of specialty gases and materials for semiconductors and display materials, SK materials has established an efficient management system to improve safety and to minimize impact on health and environment in its manufacturing process. In addition, it engages in the following activities to improve the quality of life of all members and local community.

Safety, Environment, Health
SHE Policy
  • SK materials’ top priorities are safety, health, and environment. It assesses the impact of business operations on safety, health, and environment, and all employees do their best to prevent any industrial accidents from occurring.
  • In order to become an environmentally friendly company, SK materials complies with relevant laws and regulations and continues to improve its management system for safety, health, and environment.
  • The employees of SK materials participate in regular training sessions to maintain a high level of safety and environmental awareness, and to achieve SK materials’ goals in safety, health, and environment protection.
  • The safety, health, and environment management system is regularly inspected to ensure its efficiency, and clear communication with all parties concerned is encouraged to assure that the system is transparently managed.
  • Vision

    Safe Today, Happy Tomorrow

  • Mission

    Zero Industrial Accidents

  • Value

    Pursuit of happiness through SHE communication

SHE Policy (Refer to the next text)

Key Activities

SK materials engages in safety activities in various fields.

  • Emergency Training by Private and Public Authorities

    Emergency training will be conducted once in a year or every six month, in cooperation with government offices to prevent fatal disasters from occurring.

  • Months of Safety and Health

    SK materials designates July and August as the Months of Safety and Health to enhance safety awareness among employees through a fire safety regulations contest, safety quiz, and slogan/poster contest.

  • Emergency Operations Center

    SK materials maintains 24-hour surveillance system to ensure rapid response to emergencies.

  • Safety Campaign with Partners

    SK materials enhances safety awareness by running joint safety programs with partner companies.

  • Self-Regulating Safety Culture

    For promoting self-regulating safety culture, SK materials makes its best effort to improve its employees’ safety consciousness by providing safety consulting services and taskforce activities.

  • Safety Golden Rules

    SK materials enforces safety regulations on its employees and prohibits employees’ dangerous behaviors in the workplace.


SK materials has received certificates for its high standards in safety, health, and environment protection.