SK materials produces and sells precursors based on consistent research and development on specialized materials for next-generation processes.

SK materials provides Zr precursors and SI precursors for the rapidly growing IT semiconductor industry and is developing high-quality next-generation products such as Ti, Si, and Hf precursors based on its novel technology and competitiveness. SK materials, the number-one global provider of specialty gases recognized in the semiconductor market for its reliability and customer responsiveness, is collaborating with Tri Chemical Laboratories, a Japanese precursor tech leader. This partnership will serve as a future growth engine that will maximize both profitability and growth.

Precursors, which induce chemical reactions by introducing various types of reactive gases into reactors during semiconductor fabrication, are used to deposit thin films of desired materials onto wafers. A higher demand is expected with the refinement of semiconductors and the increase in layered structures.

Rather than being satisfied with its technological excellence, SK materials seeks to bring differentiated value to its clients through innovative product development and competitiveness, thereby establishing a solid portfolio for sustainable growth and entering the top tier in the precursor market.