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Objective Of Collection And Use Of Personal Information

[Objective Of Collection And Use Of Personal Information]

① Items of Personal Information Subject to Collection and Method Thereof

The Company adheres to all privacy regulations, and does not collect sensitive information or personally identifiable information that may infringe upon the privacy of users without consent. In accordance with its policies on personal information protection and prevention of information leakage, the Company collects only the minimum amount of information necessary for handling of customer inquiries and employee recruitment and appropriately disposes of them after use.
The items of personal information collected from users accessing the website are as follows:

When submitting a customer inquiry
  • Name, e-mail, contact information
When applying for a job
  • Name, date of birth, e-mail, password: Used as personally identifiable information for management of job applicants
  • Date of birth, address: Used in statistical analysis
  • Phone number, military service, position applied for, academic qualifications, working experience, linguistic proficiency: Used as basic information in screening of submitted job application

In addition to the above, additional information may be collected to address customer needs when requests are made for certain services.

② Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

SK Materials only collects the minimum amount of information necessary to address customer inquiries and recruit employees. All collected information is disposed of once the purpose of collection and use of personal information has been accomplished.
However, the items described below will be retained for the designated period.

③ Period of Retention and Use

SK Materials shall retain the personal information of job applicants during the recruitment period for the purpose of applicant management.
The personal information of applicants shall be deleted upon request.
SK Materials may retain the personal information of applicants for up to one year from the date of job application if a conflict arises or assistance with investigations is requested concerning abuse of rights, misuse, privacy infringement, or defamation for the purpose of preventing recurrences.

Reason for Information Retention in Accordance With Company Regulations
  • History of wrongful use
  • Reason for retention: To prevent wrongful use
  • Period of retention: One year
④ Procedure and method of destruction of personal information
A. Disposal Procedure

Personal information provided by users to access services shall be used for the specified purpose and disposed of after a certain period of retention in accordance with internal policies and relevant laws.

B. Method of Disposal

Personal information printed on paper shall be shredded or incinerated, while personal information stored in electronic formats shall be permanently deleted such that they cannot be restored.

⑤ Rights of User and Legal Representative, and Method of Execution

Users and their legal representatives should provide up-to-date personal information to prevent undesirable consequences.
Users and their legal representatives shall take responsibility for any accidents arising from the inaccuracy of information, and may face restrictions in the use of services in case of providing false information such as abuse of another’s personal information. Users and their legal representatives have the right to protect their personal information, and the responsibility to not infringe upon the privacy of others. Caution should be exercised to prevent leakage of personal information of users and their legal representatives, and to avoid damage to other users’ personal information, including information that may be contained in posts.
Users who do not fulfill their responsibility and cause damage to others are subject to penalty, pursuant to the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection and the Personal Information Protection Act.

A. Right to View Personal Information and Request Correction

Users and their legal representatives may view their personal information or request correction at any time. Users wishing to view personal information or make correction requests are asked to contact the personal information manager in writing, by phone or by e-mail.

B. Right to Withdraw Consent on Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

Users and their legal representatives may withdraw consent on the collection, use, provision, and storage of personal information previously entered to access services.
Users wishing to withdraw consent are asked to contact the personal information manager in writing, by phone or by e-mail. The relevant personal information shall be deleted following an identification check.

⑥ Automatic Data Collection and Disabling Cookies

The Company uses cookies to automatically collect personal information from users.
Cookies refer to small text files sent by the SK Materials server to the user’s web browser to be stored in the user’s hard drive.

A. Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to optimize user services based on an analysis of website visits, usage, popular searches, secure connection, news editing, and number of users.

B. How to Disable Cookies
  • 1) Users can choose to enable or disable cookies. From the browser’s privacy settings, users can enable all cookies, be asked every time, or disable all cookies.
  • 2) Managing cookies settings (for web browsers): Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy. Please note that users with cookies disabled may not be provided certain services or functions.
⑦ Technological and Physical Measures for Protection of Personal Information

The Company has implemented the following security measures to prevent loss, theft, leakage, fabrication, and damage to personal information.

Technological Measures
  • All relevant laws on safe storage and transmission of personal information are observed.
  • The Company uses vaccines to prevent and minimize damage caused by computer viruses.
  • The antivirus software is regularly updated, and vaccines are promptly administered against new viruses, thereby preventing the infringement of personal information.
  • Each server is equipped with an intrusion detection system and vulnerability analysis system to guard against hacking and other external threats.
Physical Measures
  • The personal information processing system is kept securely locked to ensure safe storage of personal information and to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Computer rooms and data storage rooms have been designated as limited access areas, to which unauthorized access is denied.

The Company has designated the following department and personal information managers to protect personal information and address related complaints.

⑧ Staff in Charge of Addressing Complaints Concerning Privacy Protection and Managing Personal Information

The Company has designated the following department and personal information managers to protect personal information and address related complaints.
Users who experience any issue concerning the protection of personal information while using the services of SK Materials can report to the supervising department or personal information managers.
The Company promises to promptly respond to user complaints.

A. Personal Information Supervising Department
  • Department : HR Team, Office of Management Support
  • Tel : +82-2-728-0879
B. Personal Information Protection Manager
  • Department : Office of Management Support
  • Name : Choi Kyung Lack General Manager
  • Tel : +82-2-728-0879
C. Personal Information Protection Coordinator
  • Department : HR Team
  • Name : Jung Won Woo, Manager
  • Tel : +82-2-728-0879
  • E-mail :
Please direct other inquiries or complaints concerning privacy infringement to the following organizations:
⑨ Duty of Disclosure

Any addition, deletion, and modification to the Personal Information Management Policies made in accordance with changes to relevant laws, policies, or security technology shall be announced in advance as specified below.